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CLASS OF 2016 - 28 to Graduate

What is the digital portfolio requirement?

Ponaganset High School, like all high schools in RI, has a unique set of school wide expectations for demonstration of learning.  We refer to them as the Ponaganset Graduation Expectations (PGEs).  Each of these has several learner outcomes related to them which further define what students must be able to do. The digital portfolio was established in 2003 as our means of tracking a student’s progress on these PGEs and learner outcomes, ensuring that all graduates meet the minimum number of PGEs and a minimum number of acceptable portfolio entries.


All students must maintain a digital portfolio of selected pieces of student work while they are at Ponaganset High School. Students will add at least two entries per course in grades 9 -11.


Each entry contains three parts:

1. a summary

2. a digital copy of the artifact 

3. a reflection connecting the student’s work to the learner outcomes that it meets


In order for an entry to count toward graduation it must earn a score of at least 3 on a 4 point rubric for at least one learner outcome.  In addition each portfolio reflection will be evaluated using the RF1 (reflective thinking) rubric.  The RF PGE must be met for graduation.   


At the end of each year they are assessed on their progress with an end of year evaluation, which counts for 10% of the final exam grade.  Please note that parents are invited to this event that occurs during our final exam week. 


All students should enter a minimum # of entries per year in order to stay on track to graduate.  Typically 9th graders enter 8 entries and 10th and 11th graders enter 9 entries per year.


All students are expected to meet their minimum portfolio requirements by the end of 11th grade. 

This is to ensure a student has adequate time to complete their other graduation requirements during their senior year. Any student not meeting these minimum requirements at the end of 11th grade will be considered to be “not on track to graduate”. 


In order to track a student’s progress toward graduation, click on Graduation Summary on the home page of the digital portfolio.  Every student in grades 9-11 will be designated to be either “on track to graduate” or “not on track to graduate” based on the expectation for the end of that school year.


Please consult the Info page on the digital portfolio for more detailed information.  See the Parent Guide and Login Info document below for more information.   If you have not received login information, please contact David Moscarelli, the digital portfolio coordinator, at or Mrs. Keable at  Please make sure to include student ID#, your name, phone and address verification information.




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