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        My name is Katina Gustafson, and I am a Rhode Island College student teacher currently working at Ponaganset High School with Nicole Lloyd. I am reaching out to community members to help finance a large scale installation on the Ponaganset High School campus. The sculptural installation will include 75-100 student made cubes that highlight a personal and experiences on the exterior of the cube. We currently have 70 cubes made and will continue to create them over the spring semester to reach our goal. The current Ceramics 1 students have been working really hard and the Ponaganset High School community is very excited to highlight their work.


        Once the students are finished each cube they will be stacked and threaded onto a central PVC pipe that will be cemented into the ground for stability. Our goal is to install the sculpture in May in conjunction with the Ponaganset High School Art Show. All members of the Foster-Glocester community are welcomed to be a part of this installation. We will share the details and dates of the installation in the spring and hope you will join us! (Follow us on our website for the most up to date details: PHSART)

The following link will bring you to a similar installation created by Niles High School students in Skokie, Illinois with the help of the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park. This sculpture served as the inspiration for the project the students are working on at Ponaganset High School.

        Additional items that are needed in order to finish this sculpture are: masonry sealant, silicone caulking, caulking gun, pre-mixed cement, PVC pipes (4-inches wide by 10-feet long), and 5 gallon buckets. The estimated price of all the materials for 100 cubes is $860. No donations are too small! If every family of the students involved donates $2 we would already have $200! Every little bit helps towards our goal!


If you have any questions you can feel free to reach out to Nicole Lloyd at [email protected] and myself at [email protected]. Please include both address on any correspondence.

Thank you for your support and interest in our students artwork!


Katina Gustafson




Michelangelo: $500

DaVinci: $250

Van Gogh: $100

Monet: $50

Picasso: $25

Friends: below $25



137 Anan Wade Road

North Scituate, RI 02857


The Ultimate Arts Advocate!

For $800 you can pay for the full installation on the PHS campus and have your logo featured on the plaque displayed with the sculpture!

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